G.A.A.S. Manufacturing from Wingfield South Australia - Delivering Australia wide.


GAAS Shipping Containers is a family-owned South Australian company established in 2008 initially to cater for the needs of the mining industry and various line camp applications such as road building, cable laying etc. High demand for fast delivery and portability drove creative design and fabrication solutions for the fast-growing mining industry. The need for expansion and contraction of camps from time to time, as well as their mobility are aspects perfectly catered for by the use of converted Shipping Containers. GAAS through it’s innovative design and construction capabilities, plus it’s reliability and cost effectiveness is now foremost in this field in delivering Shipping Container solutions across Australia and internationally.

Delivering to the client’s specifications with a strong disciplined approach to budgets, sustainability and tight time frames is GAAS’ expertise. GAAS’ team of professional designers and trades people of the highest calibre have successfully delivered a vast range of extra-ordinary projects.

GAAS utilises modern 3D CAD solutions in their design process, allowing them to present clients with real time updates of design development. This is above and beyond normal industry practice and a point of pride for GAAS.

GAAS’ commitment to sustainability is another strength. By repurposing Shipping Containers, waste is reduced and therefore lowers carbon footprint. GAAS incorporate energy-efficient features into design, such as DC AC Systems, solar panels and passive heating and cooling systems.

To act with integrity is at the forefront of GAAS’ business philosophy. The top-quality product is the result. It is clear evidence that GAAS’ tier one clients are the beneficiaries. If you’re looking for a company that can deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions for your next project, look no further than the accomplished GAAS Shipping Containers.